Artwork and Curiosities by crystala armagost
I am a fine artist with concentrated training in printmaking and sculpture. My work reflects my interest in media through my use of texture, collage, and found object. I enjoy all formats of printmaking. Many of my prints are limited edition serigraphs (silk screen printing), but I also rework my base images to create one of a kind edition variables. These variables often involve hand coloring, found objects, and experimental processes and mediums. My interest in sculpture has led to the creation of art objects from a variety of materials including welded steel, found object collage, wearable art, and two-dimensional fabric pieces.

My work is driven by the concepts of consumerism, cultural observations, and how people respond to objects. I believe there is a usefulness of familiarity in making art. Just as one can identify with a tangible object before they might identify with an abstract painting, many can formulate a personal identity as they relate to pop culture before they can find their place in history. These consumer-based principals actually form a strong cultural link, and create the base for social norms, class-consciousness, and stereotypes. The use of pop culture and historical references in my work provides that crucial link between object and issues, which then allows a dialogue to occur. The quaintness that pop culture nostalgia evokes opens the passage to political and social discussion through comfort and familiarity.