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Screenprint and rusty nails layered into a wooden frame shadowbox with photo of steel girders taken at an abandoned trainyard, mixed media art by Crystala Armagost
Steel No.5
Screenprint on glass with canvas, nails, and patina


This photo was taken at a crumbing industrial structure where brick walls had fallen and many of the giant wooden planks that made up the roof were long gone, allowing large trees to telescope through to the sky. The only structural element left fully intact were large steel beams that crisscrossed the ceiling. On the ground lie orphaned steel tools where their wooden handles had long ago rotted away, and spilled nails lie in piles where their once were paper boxes to hold them. The photo was first processed onto a silkscreen then hand printed onto glass and layered into a custom shadowbox frame containing steel nails washed individually with a watercolor patina to vary their colors of rust.