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My official studio space is the third floor of my home. It's full of supplies, toys from my childhood, interesting finds, and whatever other inspiration I come across. The screen printing is done in a basement space on a large table with Speedball clamps and a 250 watt worklamp, unless it's a super nice day, then screens are processed right outside on the lawn.

Often, my work is print focused in the spring and summer when the weather is warm. In the winter, when I have to work indoors, I mainly work on drawings and mixed media. Encaustic painting and wax work I also save for chilly weather because the set up involves the use of a heat gun or torch, along with a hot plate (or in my case, just a skillet!) which tends to warm up the place.

I believe in simple tools and equipment, and using quality art materials, so that original pieces and works on paper will enjoy a long life with their new owners.

Please contact me if you are interested in viewing my artwork in person.