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Screen print with iron and rust patina on rag paper of an elephant statue located in a playground in Homestead, PA, screenprint by Crystala Armagost
The Elephant Memory No.3
Screenprint with iron and rust patina

Limited Availability

Variable Edition

I photographed this elephant statue at a playground in Homestead, PA, a struggling de-industrialized steel town. The statue’s eye had been mercilessly spray painted by a vandal until the paint ran like a tear. In “A Town Without Steel” by Judith Modell, a story is told about the park - that across from the statue once stood a beautiful fountain filled with goldfish. All that remains is a low, round stone wall, filled in with dirt. The irony of the ability for elephants to remember and the harshness of its spray painted tears make my heart ache. I visit the elephant often and use its image as a reoccurring theme in my work. This work is a hand pulled screen print, printed with iron based ink, and painted with a paintbrush and a patina which allows the ink to rust. This process makes each print one of a kind.