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Screenprint with iron-based ink and rust patina on rag paper based on Carrie Furnace of Carnegie Steel Homestead Works in Homestead, PA, screenprint by Crystala Armagost
Apparition No.11
Screenprint with iron and rust patina

Limited Availability

Variable Edition

I began photographing steel mill ruins in Pittsburgh around 2002. By this time there was already very little of it left. The remains that have not been destroyed and sold as scrap metal are left grossly out of context. Only those who have worked in these mills or have a dim memory from their youth about how mills work know what the gargantuan parts that dot the landscape mean. They now belong to the horizon like trees or fog, but feel like a floating ghost, cut off from its own realm. This print was made of a photograph I took while hiking along the Monongahela River. I then created a stencil from the enlarged image and printed it with an iron based ink on paper. Each print has been hand colored with a patina, much like painting a watercolor painting which allows the iron to rust and change color.