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Screenprint with iron-based ink and rust patina on rag paper based on Carrie Furnace of Carnegie Steel Homestead Works in Homestead, PA, screenprint by Crystala Armagost
Cloud Spirit No.6
Screenprint with iron and rust patina

Limited Availability

Variable Edition

This print was created from a photo taken on the same hike as the photos made from my “Apparition” print. It is an obsolete piece of our industrial legacy in Pittsburgh – part of a steel mill blast furnace. Supposedly Pittsburgh’s furnaces were named after women because it was believed that the bellowing heat and fiery temperament of the furnace made them “female” in nature. The image is printed by hand using a photo-processed silkscreen. Each one is then hand colored with patina and a paintbrush which allows the ink to rust. This rusting creates a variety of colors and eventually “rusts” my jar of patina liquid, which I used to paint the clouds of smoke and steam that the furnace would’ve created when active.