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Inspired by a church in Detroit, MI and the photography of Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre
And God Shall Say
Oil, resin, India ink, plaster, metal lathe, rice paper, digital photo and found stained glass, plaster, dirt, and feathers on wood panel


In several of the abandoned buildings I have explored I’ve seen the remains of birds and small animals. In the absence of human presence, nature has taken over, turning the spaces into homes for wildlife with tall trees and other greenery sprouting and lifting through the floors and speeding up the process of returning the space back to nature. I photographed the quote on this painting at the steps of the altar of a decaying church – a strange reminder that God gives life, and he takes it away, only to create again and renew the world with His creation. This painting was made by first building a “wall” with metal lathe and plaster then replicating the colors and textures I saw in the church that had been created by rain and the decaying process. Several resin coats at the bottom contain actual debris found on the ground at a Detroit church and a small cluster of bird feathers found outside on a walk.