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Mixed media resin painting inspired by The Heidelberg Project, Black Bottom, McDougall-Hunt neighborhood, artist Tyree Guyton, artwork by Crystala Armagost
Acrylic, resin, and found clapboard siding, dirt, and advertisements on wood panel


Heidelberg is a neighborhood in Detroit, MI where abandoned houses have been turned into bizarre pieces of art. This piece uses vintage clapboard siding from an old house as a background for paint, collage, and dirt collected from under the attic floorboards of my own 110+ year old house. This piece was created in 7 studio sessions each lasting an hour to several hours long. It contains 15 layers of work, most of which contain an application of resin, paint, paper, and found wood particles and dust containing the history and story of my own century old home while reflecting on the images I saw created by artists of the surfaces of other historic homes in Heidelberg.