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Mixed media resin painting with plush animals inspired by The Heidelberg Project, Black Bottom, McDougall-Hunt neighborhood, artist Tyree Guyton, artwork by Crystala Armagost
Acrylic, resin, photographs, plush, found clapboard siding, dirt, and advertisements on wood panel


This painting is a visual compilation of the many houses that have been turned into art at the Heidelberg Project in Detroit, MI. The artist and others have worked tirelessly for over 30 years to salvage their declining neighborhood by infusing it with art made with found objects, however in 2013, arsonists began to target the installations and destroyed 7 art homes in a 2 year span, once again forcing areas of the neighborhood into ruin. To create Torch, I poured one layer of resin at a time, adding work to each layer such as acrylic paint, cut newspaper ads, chunks of plush animal fur, and actual photos from Heidelberg that I shot while exploring there. In a stroke of irony, in order to destroy air bubbles that form in the painting while the resin is curing I must “torch” each resin layer with the flame of a butane gun.