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Resin painting, found object art, original paintings, Detroit, MI church ruins abstract painting by Crystala Armagost
Church No.1
Acrylic molding paste, iron, patina, resin, and found stained glass, dirt, and plaster chips on wood panel


While exploring ruins in Detroit I saw countless churches. These spaces were once filled with people for milestone life events – weddings, funerals, baptisms – events marked with powerful expressions of joy and sorrow. The buildings themselves are celebrations of God in the form of stunning architecture and the finest craftsmanship employed on the detailed carving of wood and molded plaster. So many of these spaces were left as shells, shapely arching walls and vaulted ceilings with fluffy mounds of crumbled paint and plaster lying at the edges below like filthy snowdrifts, each pile the collective contents of celebrations of life, death and God. The piece combines layers of plaster, paint, and a handful of the debris of a church ruin that had collected on the ground below its walls.